Another Job For Biggles

Another Job For Biggles

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The Blue Sword (Damar, Book 2)

Once Upon a Crime (The Sisters Grimm, Book 4)

Prisoners of Perfection

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should he bother about collecting seeds? Biggles’s problem, of course, was not so much to find Hamud, who alone could not do much harm, as the man in whom he had confided his secret. That man, decided Biggles, would almost certainly live in Aden, Hamud’s home town, and the place where Darnley had paid him off. The only clue—a slender one admittedly—pointed to Ambrimos, who had seen him, yet now denied it. If Ambrimos had already dabbled in hashish, as rumour alleged, he would not be beyond

have to give this Danakil country the once-over. It’s the only clue we have. But this is a pretty wide territory, as you can see from the map. If we were sure that the Ambrimos hashish outfit was in British territory I wouldn’t hesitate. It may be in the Sudan. If it is, okay. But it’s just as likely to be in Ethiopia, in which case, we really have no right to barge in. The thing would have to be handled through normal diplomatic channels, and a fat lot of use that would be. The Sultan’s spies

concentrate on getting you back to the machine,” he suggested. Naturally, Ginger protested at this. He recoiled from the idea that the sortie should be abandoned on his account. “I shall be all right,” he insisted. “You’re quite sure?” “Positive.” “All right,” consented Biggles. “But whatever you do don’t move. I mean, if the attack passes off, and you feel better, don’t try to follow us. You’d probably miss us in the dark. Stay here and we shall know where you are.” “Fair enough,” agreed

home and gave them to the Royal Horticultural Society for scientific investigation. A few plants were raised at Kew in artificial conditions approaching as nearly as possible those of the wadi; but apparently conditions were not identical and the plants died, so that today not one exists in cultivation. But before they died they served their purpose. The shrub was identified as a new form of Artemesia. For a desert species the plant grows quickly from seed and bears gum in a few months. In

clear that only one word would have been necessary to cause murder to be done there and then. Ambrimos stood at his door, smiling, as the natives parted reluctantly to clear a path for the prisoners as they were taken to one of the several huts. At the entrance they were met by such a swarm of flies, and a stink so appalling that Ginger clapped a hand over his nose. Into the gloomy interior they were pushed, and two tall, scowling Danakils, took up positions at the entrance. “Things may not look

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