Biggles and the Deep Blue Sea

Biggles and the Deep Blue Sea

W. E. Johns

Language: English

Pages: 115


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Biggles is sent to Jean Bonney Island in the Bay of Bengal, to investigate possible interference with this British sovereign territory. Taking Algy with him, Biggles flies out in his Gadfly aircraft and lands on a lagoon on the island. Here they find a man named Clarence Collingwood who is hostile towards them. He claims to be a biologist. Getting little information out of Collingwood, Biggles is suspicious as to why he is alone on the island but not interested in being rescued. Returning to the lagoon to spend the night, Biggles and Algy are attacked by a Giant Squid. After another confrontation with Collingwood, the Gadfly is cut adrift and Biggles realises there must be a fourth person on the island as well. Biggles searches the small island and finds hashish growing, a notorious narcotic. He discovers an Arab who he later finds out is called Ali. Biggles also discovers what appears to be a man made cave. Meanwhile Algy has some trouble with a shark and has to move the aircraft, losing the anchor in the process. Later, Biggles dives down to recover the anchor and this is the picture on the dust cover of the book, together with a picture of an Arab boat called a dhow. Biggles decides to cut down the hashish crop to destroy it. Returning to the plane, because a storm is brewing, Biggles notices an Arab dhow approaching. However, the storm is preventing it from landing on the island. Biggles finds Algy trying to strap the plane down and, much to his surprise, being helped by Collingwood. All three of them return to Collingwood's hut to take shelter from the terrible storm. Collingwood explains that the drugs belong to the Arabs and are nothing to do with him. He is there to mine opals. Collingwood thinks the Arabs will kill them, because of what Biggles has done to their drug crop. After the storm, they all go to look for Ali and find that he has been buried in the cave, which was an opal mine. They manage to dig him out alive. Biggles and Algy have to repair their storm-damaged aircraft. The next morning, the Arabs in the dhow attempt to land, but the landing party is attacked by a Giant Squid and only one man makes it ashore alive. Algy discovers Collingwood has been murdered during the night and it is obvious that Ali has done it to steal his opals. Biggles goes to confront Ali and finds that the newly arrived Arab has killed him and stolen the opals himself. Chasing after the Arab, the man escapes by swimming the lagoon only to meet justice in the jaws of the shark. The Arabs land, but having seen the shark attack their comrade, they don't blame Biggles or Algy for all of the deaths. The Arabs kill the shark and find the opals inside it but their dhow is wrecked on the coral reef. Biggles and Algy return home reflecting on why opals are considered to be unlucky.

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was blasted. I could see the bore holes where the explosive charges had been put in. Pieces of broken coral lay scattered about on the floor of the lagoon.’ Algy stared. ‘How extraordinary. Who on earth would do that?’ Biggles raised a shoulder. ‘Obviously somebody who had ideas of using the lagoon.’ ‘Could it have been done when the island was in use during the war?’ ‘I don’t think so. It looks too recent for that.’ ‘Collingwood?’ ‘Possibly. We’ve no means of knowing. But it goes some way

periscope pop up make for the shore,’ he suggested lightly. ‘It isn’t funny, so don’t expect me to split my sides laughing,’ protested Algy. ‘And you needn’t tell me what to do. Any sign of one leg, never mind ten, and I shall be up the beach so fast that a thing with twenty legs wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. If, as you say, one of these monsters has been known to pull down a boat load of natives, I’d hate to think what it could do to an aircraft. However, it’s your machine....’ Nothing

likely to be a hot spot.’ ‘I can see the dhow moving in as if it’s going to have another shot at landing, if that’s what you mean. Did you find Ali?’ ‘I did.’ ‘What had the murdering hound to say for himself?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘So he wouldn’t talk?’ ‘He couldn’t.’ Algy stopped work to look up. ‘Why not?’ ‘He’s dead.’ Algy nearly dropped the brush. ‘Dead! Ah! I get it. He turned nasty and you had to shoot him.’ ‘I didn’t have to do anything to him. He was dead when I found him. He was in his

This caused the shark to retire a little way, which suggested it might not be a man-eater after all. But it came back and did another circle, this time contracting. The wretched man in the water now struck out with a powerful overarm stroke towards the nearest point of the reef, still using only one arm. ‘Why doesn’t the fool drop the box and use both arms?’ muttered Biggles. ‘If he did he might have a chance. He’s got a dagger.’ Raising his voice he yelled: ‘Drop the box!’ For a second or two

water. Another five and it was in the air, circling over what might well have been named the Island of Misfortune. Satisfied that all was well, Biggles turned away and set the machine on a course for Calcutta. Five hours later it was on the airport, taxiing to the parking bay. CHAPTER 17 BONNEY HAS THE LAST WORD AFTER they had checked in, Biggles’ first move was to contact the office in London to let them know all was well and he was on his way home. The next was to find accommodation

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