Biggles - Foreign Legionnaire

Biggles - Foreign Legionnaire

W. E. Johns

Language: English

Pages: 111


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Biggles' opposite number and old friend in the French Surete, Marcel Brissac, joins the French Foreign Legion, Biggles is intrigued as to why. After thinking it through, Biggles concludes that Marcel is onto an international gang with a financial interest in war. Various Countries are at war with each other and when there is a chance of peace, an incident usually occurs to thwart the peace process. The international gang is behind such incidents. The only lead is the knowledge that the gang encourages French Foreign Legionnaires to desert and join them. Biggles and Ginger join Marcel in the Legion, and find he is under suspicion. Eventually, Biggles and Ginger are approached to desert due to their flying experience. The first attempt goes wrong but eventually they do desert and so follow a trail that they hope will lead them to the people in charge. The trail leads to the Valley of the Tartars, where a secret squadron is carrying out acts of aggression. Here they discover the gang's latest recruit is a certain Erich Von Stalhein. With the help of a lone madman waging a one-man war against the gang and a surprise attack by Kurds, Biggles foils their plans. Air Commodore Raymond gets to meet Von Stalhein for the first time. The dust cover depicts Biggles in the Legion uniform.

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stolen. Apart from suggesting laxity on the part of the station guards, such a story would have sounded so thin that French General Headquarters didn’t even put it forward. It wouldn’t have been believed if they had. People just don’t pinch military aeroplanes from service stations. The French preferred it to be supposed that the machine disappeared while on an official reconnaissance flight. I happen to know, through Marcel, that this was not the first time a machine had disappeared in exactly

asked. “You’re five miles from Chella. That’s the nearest village.” Ginger’s heart went into his boots. “Is there a telephone there?” asked Biggles. The farmer said there was. There was also a light railway. He was going there presently, to put his produce on the line for Oran. Would they like a lift? Biggles said they would, very much. He explained that they were anxious to get back to camp before the police started looking for two deserters. This was so feasible that the man accepted the

someone at the airport. If, therefore, they arrived without him, the person waiting would know something was amiss, with consequences fatal to their investigations, if not their lives. How well advised Biggles was in this decision they were soon to learn. It was a long run to Algiers, but the plane did not leave until six and they arrived with half an hour to spare. Going through to the waiting-room (accompanied by their driver, Ginger noticed) the first person they saw was the bearded man they

reasons—aside from the obvious possibility that the club may not have sleeping accommodation. Alexandria is a sort of general headquarters. The hotel is maintained as a respectable establishment. But the gang probably employs all sorts of people, including some real toughs. They would need a rendezvous, but it wouldn’t do for them to use the hotel. They meet at the club. I’d say most of the people who use the club don’t even know of the hotel. So if anything went wrong, or someone squealed and

can say now. Stay on at your hotel so that I shall know where to find you, or send a message if that’s possible. There’s nothing more we can do tonight. We’ll go in. Give us a little while before you show yourselves so that should anybody be watching from the windows of the Continentale they won’t know we’ve been talking.” “Okay. Hope your landings won’t be too bumpy.” With that they parted, Biggles and Ginger going to their hotel, leaving the others still in the shadows. The outer doors of the

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