Callsign: Queen - Book I (a Zelda Baker - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Callsign: Queen - Book I (a Zelda Baker - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Jeremy Robinson, David Wood

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0983601798

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At the beginning of her search for Rook, a missing Chess Team member, Zelda Baker, Callsign: Queen, is redirected to Pripyat, Ukraine, a ghost town on the radioactive outskirts of Chernobyl. Intel indicates that a splinter cell of Manifold Genetics--a ruthless corporation dismantled by Chess Team--may be operating in the area. Tasked with confirming the existence of a Manifold facility, Queen begins a recon sweep of the abandoned town in search of clues, but soon finds herself fighting for her life. Something sinister lurks beneath the decaying, surreal remnants of Pripyat's never-used amusement park, and it rises up to greet Queen. In Pripyat, the streets are empty, the derelict buildings crumble, but the bodies...are fresh.

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me a whole lot of nowhere fast. She holstered her Mark 23 and jumped up, grabbing hold of a bar on the central column. It was difficult to maintain her grip as the ride spun, but she held on and painstakingly hauled herself up. The oborots quickly came after her. One clawed at her foot and she kicked it away, then stamped down on its head, causing it to lose its grip. Queen clambered up onto the top of the ride. Bars holding the chairs extended out from the center column like rays of sunlight.

woman. What had happened to Darius, anyway? Why hadn’t he come to Andrew’s aid? Darius had left him to fend for himself, probably hiding or even running away to save his own neck. Well, they could all kiss his ass. Andrew wouldn’t be the only one to die this day. With strength borne of bitterness and despair, he rolled over onto his stomach and crawled to his desk, leaving a thick smear of blood on the white tile. Pain and loss of blood made him dizzy, but he managed to haul himself up far

find this place hauntingly beautiful, but now it was only a place of death to her. When the oborots burst through the doorway, she started pulling pins and pitching grenades as fast as she could, careful to count down to the first detonation. The oborots did not spot her at first, but by the time she’d tossed the sixth grenade, an incendiary, they were coming for her. She pitched three more grenades, and as the first oborot leapt, she turned and hurled herself out into space. The oborot shot

Pripyat.” “Shit. Are you trying to turn me into a glo-stick?” Queen stood and retrieved her bag from the overhead compartment and strode down the aisle, ignoring the resentful stares from passengers who had doubtless believed they had landed due to some sort of mechanical failure. “People visit there all the time. At least they did until recently. About a year ago, the government shut down all tours into Pripyat, and stopped issuing permits for individual visits. That’s the only other clue we

end, so high was the pitch, but she knew instantly that there was no threat here. A dark-haired teenage girl cowered on the floor. She lay on her side, her knees drawn up tight to her chest and her hands covering her face. Her jeans and t-shirt were coated in dust, and she trembled from head to toe, but she appeared otherwise unharmed. “It’s all right. I’m not going to hurt you.” Queen didn’t bother to keep the annoyance from her voice. She hadn’t come on a rescue mission and she sure as hell

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