Cannibal Adventure

Cannibal Adventure

Willard Price

Language: English

Pages: 107

ISBN: 1782950206

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hal and Roger Hunt are visiting New Guinea, one of the wildest islands in the world. But their adventure becomes deadly when the brothers discover that man-eating crocodiles and deadly snakes aren't the only things after their blood. They are pursued by an old enemy, who is out for revenge.

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‘Well, then - perhaps it was a man from some other village. You remember that head that was brought in. Perhaps some other member of his tribe, perhaps his brother, wanted to take revenge.’ ‘Wrong guess,’ said Roger. ‘Why should he want to kill you? It wasn’t you who took that head. No, it was somebody who had a grudge against you.’ ‘But who could that be? Have 1 done anything to get anybody mad?’ ‘You got that witch doctor mad. And you got all the people of the village mad at him so he had

better. These were no nightingales, no mocking-birds. They made a great variety of noises but none of them could be called singing. They cried like babies, they whistled like boys getting out of school, they mewed like cats, they cawed like crows, they squealed like pigs, and they produced a growling bubble like the rumbling of an elephant’s stomach. They couldn’t make music, but they more than made up for it by their flashing display of colour. And they knew how beautiful they were. They showed

When he came out of his coma the woman saw him move and he was restored to his family.’ The captain began to rattle pots and pans. ‘If he’s not a ghost,’ the captain said, ‘after three days of starving ‘I’ll bet he’s pretty hungry.’ ‘I doubt it,’ Hal said. ‘A coma is something like the hibernation of an animal which can sleep through the winter, living on its own fat, and come out lean but healthy in the spring. If an animal can go for months without eating, a man ought to be able to stand it

the ship should be able to take care of the two Hunts - and the captain too. Then he, Kaggs, would be master of the schooner. He would sail down to Thursday Island and resume his old profession of pearl trading. Of course he would disguise himself and take another name. He would load up the schooner with pearls and pearl shell and sail for Smugglers’ Bay on the coast of Australia. He would sell his cargo for ten times what he had paid for it. Just as he was about to fling the sack on board he

and said, ‘Watch out. That fellow has his eye on you. These people say he’s a devil. He has killed more than a hundred of their people.’ Roger looked up and said, ‘They’re putting you on. If it had killed just one, they wouldn’t have let it live.’ He thought to himself, What does Ted know about crocs? He knows the deck of a ship, but he’s probably never studied animals. The reason they let it live,’ said the captain, is that they think it’s a devil. Killing it would only make the devil that

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