Cetaganda (Vorkosigan Saga, Book 9)

Cetaganda (Vorkosigan Saga, Book 9)

Lois McMaster Bujold

Language: English

Pages: 202

ISBN: 0671877445

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When the Cetagandan empress dies, Miles Vorkosigan and his cousin Ivan are sent to Cetaganda for her funeral as diplomatic representatives of Barrayar. Upon arrival, the two men are inexplicably attacked by a servant of the late empress. When the same servant turns up dead the next day, Miles and Ivan find themselves in the middle of a mystery. Miles tries to play detective in a strange, complicated, and deceptively alien culture, while lascivious Ivan manages to get himself involved with several noble females at the same time, a diplomatic no-no of the first order. As the plot thickens, it becomes clear that it's up to Miles to save the empire. With her usual skill, Bujold addresses timeless issues of human identity through the personal dramas of her characters.

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. and their sons. Fact Two: he had a subtle mind. Fact Three . . . there was no fact three. Yet. They returned to the party to find Ivan ensconced on a couch between the two women, entertaining them–or at least, they were laughing encouragingly. The ghem-women fully matched Lady Gelle in beauty; the blonde might have been her sister. The redhead was even more arresting, with a cascade of amber curls falling past her shoulders, a perfect nose, lips that one might . . . Miles cut off the

farewells. "I will be speaking with you again, Lord Vorkosigan," Benin promised darkly. "I certainly hope so, sir. Ah–did you take my other piece of advice, too? About blocking interference?" Benin paused, looking suddenly a little abstracted. "Yes, in fact." "How did it go?" "Better than I would have expected." "Good." Benin's parting semi-salute was ironic, but not, Miles felt, altogether hostile. Vorreedi escorted his guest to the door, but turned him over to the hall guard and was

this new encounter. Was it accidental? Was it the start of a new setup? Lord X used his human tools like long-handled forks, to keep the heat at a distance. Surely the ghem-general and his wife were too close to him, too obviously connected. Unless, of course, Lord X wasn't Kety after all … A glow ahead brought Miles's gaze front and center. A haut-bubble was approaching them along the evergreen-bounded walk. Vorob'yev and Ivan stood aside to let it pass. Instead it stopped in front of Miles.

without a ripple. Miles limped along in Giaja's train, intensely self-conscious. He must present an astonishing sight, slight, short, sinister, his face looking like he'd lost a spaceport bar fight the night before. The Cetagandan Order of Merit made a fine show against his House blacks, quite impossible to miss. Miles supposed Giaja was using him to send some kind of signal to his haut-governors, and not a terribly friendly one. Since Giaja clearly had no plans to let out the details of the

assignment is in Barrayaran Imperial Security. From the Barrayaran point of view, it looks . . . well, it looks very strange." Miles sighed. His headache was coming on again. "I know. Maybe I can get Illyan to classify it secret." "About three thousand people just saw it!" Ivan said. Miles stirred. "Well, that's your fault." "Mine!" "Yeah. If you'd brought me two or three coffee bulbs this morning, instead of only one, my brain might have been on-line, and I could've ducked faster and

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