Cryoburn (Vorkosigan Saga)

Cryoburn (Vorkosigan Saga)

Lois McMaster Bujold

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1451637500

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A New York Times hardcover bestseller, this is the long-awaited NEW installment in the hugely-popular, award-winning science fiction adventure series. Miles Vorkosigan, troubleshooter for the Barrayaran Galactic Empire, takes on the corrupt and dangerous ruling elite of a world where immortality is a commodity to be bought, sold and bartered for power.

Kibou-daini is a planet obsessed with cheating death. All well and good, so long as they kept to themselves.  But now the Kibou-daini are attempting to franchise out their Fountain of Youth wares to the rest of the galaxy and the Barrayar  Galactic Empire is none too pleased with the implications. 

Cue Miles Vorkosigan, malformed royal troublemaker—but also heir and savior of empire. On Kibou-daini, Miles unearths a war of generations as the oldsters in charge refuse to die and their descendants threaten outright patricide, matricide and maybe even genocide—the prize being a big fat slice of the immortality pie.  Bribery, corruption, conspiracy, kidnapping–something is rotten on Kibou-daini, and Miles is up to his neck in trouble and adventure once more.

About Cryoburn:
“Fans have been clamoring for Hugo winner Bujold to pen a new Vorkosigan Saga novel. . . her deft and absorbing writing easily corrals the complex plot.”—Publishers Weekly

About Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga:
“Bujold mixes quirky humor with action [and] superb character development…[E]normously satisfying.”—Publishers Weekly.

“One of sf’s outstanding talents . . . an outstanding series.”—Booklist

“. . . an intelligent, well-crafted and thoroughly satisfying blend of adventure, sociopolitical commentary, scientific experiments, and occasional perils . . . with that extra spicing of romance. . . .”—Locus

About Vorkosigan series entry Diplomatic Immunity:
“Bujold is adept at world-building and provides a witty, character-centered plot, full of exquisite grace notes. . . fans will be thoroughly gripped and likely to finish the book in a single sitting.”—Publishers Weekly

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had once been dropped off, no doubt. The drive embraced what had likely been a sweep of tidy lawn and landscaping, but now was a sad stretch of weeds. There was no security lighting, but a lot of flickering hand lights revealed a herd of elderly people in all sorts of dress and undress, milling about on the drive and the ex-lawn. To Roic's relief, no orange fire-glow reflected in the night mist from the other side of the complex, but various colors of flashing emergency lights did, which helped

I've not seen them all together. They take it in shifts to harass us." "Huh?" "Lecturing us, mostly. About the stern and glorious goals of the New Hope Legacy Liberators." "Oh. I had a sample." "Only a sample? The rest of us have endured hours of it. They marched us down to the dining hall and harangued us till they were hoarse." "How come I wasn't invited?" "You have a reputation as a bold Barrayaran barbarian-say that six times really fast-too dangerous to let loose. Chains, huh? You were

corridor corner, and he peered around; Roic waved all's-well, and he nodded and ducked away again. By the time Roic and Raven inserted their prize into the bag and sealed it up again, the lights flashed back on. Roic reached up and carefully unsealed the unlocking device, and hid it back in m'lord's kit. He then began re-stacking concealing boxes, wondering how soon a tech crew would arrive to check out their brief power failure. M'lord returned, and murmured, "Go, go." His eyes seemed as bright

Breaking and entering?" "No, the homeowner let us in. Breaking and exiting, maybe. If it's theft, I'm guessing it's the second time around for this item. And while it's not true that you can't cheat an honest man, crooked men are less likely to complain to the authorities, afterward. I don't think Leiber will tell anyone." He went on, still peering underneath, "Did you spot any IDs on this thing?" "Maker's mark. It's a common brand. Ah, here's a serial number. That may help." "Later, yeah."

her namesake," she said, looking reflective, "but I'm glad you were at least able to tell her about Taurie, before the end. Maybe we should have given her name to Lizzie, sooner, rather than your Betan grandmother's. Oh, speaking of names. Sasha has now announced that he is Alex, I suppose because he gave up trying to talk everyone into Xander. Lexie and A.A. appear to be permanently rejected, now, too. Same rationale-if we don't call him Aral because of Grandda Aral, we shouldn't call him Sasha

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