Drowned Wednesday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 3)

Drowned Wednesday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 3)

Garth Nix

Language: English

Pages: 389

ISBN: 0439436567

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The next spellbinding book in best-selling author Garth Nix's magical Keys to the Kingdom series.

Everyone is after Arthur Penhaligon. Strange pirates. Shadowy creatures. And Drowned Wednesday, whose gluttony threatens both her world and Arthur's.

With his unlimited imagination and thrilling storytelling, Garth Nix has created a character and a world that become even more compelling with each book. As Arthur gets closer to the heart of his quest, the suspense and mystery grow more and more intense. . . .

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week at home? His parents would freak out. So would Leaf’s. Plus, he didn’t have any asthma medication, so he might not even survive a week. What if his broken leg got worse? “I can’t spend a week on some deserted island!” “You’ll have to, ‘less you’re a better swimmer than you look,” replied Sunscorch. “There’s precious little on this world. Lots of islands, some things you might call fish and fowl, and a bit of useful timber, that’s all. A safe haven from both Feverfew’s pirates and any nosy

ten, but he knew he must have spent more than seven hours (counting backwards) just sitting in that buoy, let alone the time on the bed in the storm. Remembering the buoy made Arthur look at his hands. The red color still hadn’t come off. It hadn’t gotten any lighter either. It looked deeply engrained, almost as if it was in the skin, rather than just on it. “The Red Hand,” said Ichabod. “Doctor Scamandros might be able to clear it. Feverfew marks all his treasure caches such. The stain is

Feverfew himself?” Arthur asked, indicating the sketch of the pirate kneeling on the deck. “And what’s on the lid of that puzzle box?” “We believe it’s Feverfew,” said Longtayle. “He was once a mortal man, though greatly changed by sorcery and his long existence in the House, and this drawing shows a man of mortal dimensions. The augury puzzle he is using is not one that is listed anywhere we can find. The creature it portrays is a Gore-Draken, a rare form of Nithling that is very occasionally

conveyed to you by the hand of our good and faithful Miss Suzanna Monday’s Tierce. We trust it finds you well. Get on with it, thought Arthur. We are delighted to hear that you have once again chosen to prosecute the campaign against the vile and treacherous Morrow Days. We are not pleased that you have chosen to make alliance with Drowned Wednesday, as we fear that she clouds her true purpose. Do not trust her! We are currently besieged by papers, as the Morrow Days seek to render us immobile

Feverfew’s worldlet… …Or who had been thrown out, to die in the belly of the Leviathan. Chapter Twenty-four Arthur reached the doorway. As he touched it, the rainbow colors drifted away, to be replaced by a featureless gray. Even more disturbingly, his hand went through it as if there was nothing there. The boy didn’t stop. He kicked again, and went through the gray archway, to land sprawling on a wet stone floor. “What was that?” asked a voice. Arthur rolled over and sat up, ready to move.

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