Epos The Winged Flame (Beast Quest, Book 6)

Epos The Winged Flame (Beast Quest, Book 6)

Stephen Cole, Adam Blade

Language: English

Pages: 27

ISBN: 2:00310809

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One boy's journey to save his village becomes a quest to save the Kingdom.

Tom and Elenna must journey on to face the last of the Beasts enslaved by the evil wizard Malvel: the Winged Flame, a phoenix of terrible power. It has been been slowly awakening a long-dead volcano. If Tom and Elenna cannot stop the Beast in time, it could mean a deadly eruption.

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put the Winged Flame under a spell, then that meant the volcano might be active. Tom shivered at the thought. The kingdom would be in grave danger if the volcano erupted. A jolt of anticipation ran through him. “Aduro said Epos was the most powerful of all the Beasts.” He frowned at the map. Several villages clustered near the base of the smoking mountain. “Why would anyone build a village that close to a volcano — even a dormant one?” “The soil around volcanoes is very fertile, so crops grow

they reached a cluster of houses. Tom nodded slowly, watching the deadly lava snake past the edge of the village and into the forest. “We have to do something,” Tom said. “And quick.” Just then a skinny, fair-haired boy of about Tom’s age burst out of the forest, coughing hard, a singed sack in one hand. A collar-shaped piece of old armor protected his chin and neck. He flopped down on the grass near one of the houses. Elenna and Tom ran over to him. “Are you all right?” Tom asked the boy,

— but at last he landed on a narrow ledge, the impact jarring his whole body as he scrambled for a handhold. The rock was burning hot and scorched his skin. But, with the last of his strength, he managed to cling on. Epos was still circling above him, screeching in fury, and Tom knew he didn’t have a hope of climbing over the edge of the rim. I’m trapped, he thought. An easy target. But then he saw a crack in the rock — a long, smoldering split. Was it wide enough for him to fit through? His

smoking sword and a blackened, wooden disc fell out, landing with a clatter at Tom’s feet. “My sword! My shield!” Tom shouted. “Epos brought them back from the volcano!” With a last, deafening screech, Epos soared up into the heavens. In her wake she left streaks of magical fire that burned away the dark clouds of volcanic smoke and ash hanging over the village. Tom laughed as he found himself staring up into the clear blue sky of an early morning. Aduro put a hand on Tom’s shoulder. “It is a

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