Evensong (Meratis Trilogy Book 1)

Evensong (Meratis Trilogy Book 1)

Krista Walsh

Language: English

Pages: 317


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Author Jeff Powell wakes up to find the impossible has happened. He is within his own novel—summoned into the fictional world of Feldall’s Keep by a spell he didn't write. One the House enchantress hasn't figured out how to reverse.

When the villain he's been struggling to write reveals himself, unleashing waves of terror and chaos, Jeff must use more than his imagination to save the characters he created—and the woman he loves.

Trapped within a world of his own creation, he must step outside the bounds of his narrative to help his characters defeat an evil no one anticipated, even if he must sacrifice his greatest gift. In the end, he has to ask: are novels really fiction, or windows into other worlds?

The Meratis Trilogy centres around author Jeff Powell, who wakes up in his sword-and-sorcery fantasy world. Initially an arrogant and close-minded character, Jeff has his eyes opened to a world of dragons, magic, and assassins. Faced with an evil he could never have imagined, Jeff is pushed to his limits and forced to rise to the most unusual challenges.

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gave me last week.” Corey grinned. “And you think you’ll even the debt? We try it again, you’ll just embarrass yourself in front of the men.” “You had the sun at your back last time. Let’s see how you hold up on an equal field.” They left to gear up and, with Brady’s help, Jeff hobbled over to a bucket of water, splashing his face. He spat out a mouthful of dust-turned-mud, and then squinted upwards as a shadow fell over him. Brian’s large figure leaned against the side of the shed. “Only a

working on it, trust me, but so far all I’ve been able to do is turn your toothwasher from blue to green.” “I don’t care,” Jeff insisted. “I want to give it another try.” He placed his palms on the table. “Look, I’m not sure what’s true at this point. Either I’m here because you summoned me, I’m crazy, or I’m still fast asleep in some beer-induced dream state. No matter the cause, it could be that whatever you do here will help.” Maggie opened her mouth to protest, but Jeff persevered. “I want

you?” Their voices were music, an ebb and flow that dulled the mind. His blood reacted to the sound, his heart raced and slowed, like one hypnotised. He watched as they moved, their appearances shifting as much as the fire. Aya was first on his left and then on his right, and Lan disappeared altogether from in front of him to come up behind. A masterful display of distraction and disorientation. “We require your help.” “Again?” Kay’s mouth twisted into a smile, her green eyes sliding from Jeff

recall anything being said about definitives,” he said. “We agreed he might want to. We agreed he might even try. But when did it move from hypothesis to conclusion?” “Stop being so dumb,” Jasmine said in exasperation. “When has Raul not gotten what he was after?” Jeff opened his mouth, bit his tongue and closed it again. Jasmine focused back on Maggie. “Either he’s spying on us, or has someone relaying information to him, but we need to act as if he knows for sure Jeff is in this world, and

adamant that I should be drawn and quartered. Even my parents joined the mob. Fortunately, my little sister is more rational than they are and she helped me escape — traded places with me in the prison, so I could take her horse and flee. I sought out Raul. “I’d heard of him, you see. Heard stories of his ability to bring men to their knees in pools of blood. That’s what I wanted. After being brought so low by my own people, I wanted to be above them. He’d already made a name for himself from

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