Incurable (The Ellie Chronicles #2)

Incurable (The Ellie Chronicles #2)

John Marsden

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0439783224

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The battles continue in the latest book from internationally bestselling author John Marsden

Ellie Linton is a survivor. Because she's honest. Because she's loyal. Because she's incurably brave. And because sometimes she's lucky.

But what happens to survivors when their luck runs out?

Packed full of action and human drama, John Marsden's Incurable delivers another fast-paced adventure that will thrill old fans and new readers like.

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you go off on another crazy raid? Am I the babysitter now?’ ‘No, of course not, he would have left her in town with the others, but she’s mad keen to hang out with you.’ ‘Well, you might have thought about Gavin before you planned all this. You’re getting him all revved up.’ I had to talk in a funny way, twisting up my face, so Gavin couldn’t lip-read. He hovered around anxiously. Normally he’d have attached himself to Lee or Homer, as he was a big fan of both of them. I was pretty sure that

Now I’d made it mad. I imagined it going into attack mode and filling my brain with venom. Amazingly, it didn’t do this, and I was able to have a second go, which was more successful. I swear, he was the size of my ear, and that’s not counting his legs. Yes, between rats and spiders, not to mention fights to the death with armed enemy soldiers, life was never dull. Anyway, I took my shower. I’m a long-shower person, because I find it the best place to think. We have a pretty good supply of

appears to be living at 87 Green Street, Marlon, with a family named Russell. It appears that Rosie knew this family before the war, and they have been caring for her since they found her in a prison camp in the first few days of the war. You would probably be aware that many unofficial living situations have developed as a result of the war, and many of these are not yet sanctioned or even recorded. We have referred Rosie’s case to the Department of Child Relocation, but they have a large

that. I wondered what would happen if and when he caught up with me. Would he overtake me and keep going after Gavin? It was like his life depended on catching Gavin. What if he was seriously out to hurt Gavin? Sure seemed that way. Maybe I was just a nuisance in the equation. On the other hand, if he was going to hurt Gavin, then what would he do about me? There didn’t seem to be witnesses to this so far. I hadn’t seen anyone appear in the corridor of the house during the couple of seconds

counter-bluffing. It was just me spinning around the tree, trying to keep away from his hands. Then, as he changed direction again, I jumped back and raced to another tree. All the time I was thinking that someone would come along, see what was happening, intervene, save us. This seemed like the quietest park I’d ever been in. Suddenly, like a wild little creature from the forest, Gavin raced up, kicked for the man’s balls, missed, but by a miracle got the knife instead. It spun through the air

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