Marlfox: A Tale from Redwall

Marlfox: A Tale from Redwall

Brian Jacques

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0142501085

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A villainous new presence is aprowl in Mossflower Woods-the Marlfoxes. Stealthy and mysterious, they are out to plunder and destroy everything in their path. And when they reach Redwall Abbey, they ruthlessly steal the most precious treasure of all-the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. It takes Dann Reguba and Song Swifteye, children of warrior squirrels, to follow in their fathers' heroic footsteps. Together with the young shrew Dippler, and Burble the brave watervole, they embark upon the seemingly impossible quest. . . .

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gruff! That pirate Cap’n he got shot, By a barrel load of peas, Wot blacked his eyes an’ stung his thighs, An’ fractured all his knees. We hit the crew with onion skins, Big cabbage stalks as well, With hardcrust pies an’ ’orrible cries, They splashed into the swell. Whoa skilly’n’duff, that’s the stuff, When vermin crews you must rebuff! As Wobblechop sailed away that day, We sang a jolly song, The bottlenosed cook with laughter shook, As the dinner bell went bong. I’m

through the air, Now I’m goin’ to wake him up with this ould song. Go t’the left right left! Go t’the left right left! Seven seasons gone, oh seven seasons gone, I’ve been fightin’ roarin’ marchin’ all the time, But I’m comin’ home t’you, to give you a hug or two, The moment that I’ve supped a jug o’ wine. Go t’the left right left! Go t’the left right left!’ Bong boom! Bong boom! Bong boom! The bells of Redwall Abbey tolled out like melodious rolling thunder. Chores, rest,

unwrapped the barkcloth from a short rapier. Dippler recognized his dead leader’s blade straight away. The oldster presented it to him ceremoniously. ‘From this day forth yore name is forgotten in our tribe. Take the Chieftain’s blade. Hail, Log a Log of all Guosim!’ Everybeast on the path in front of Redwall set up an earsplitting cheer. Skipper waved them to silence. ‘Would y’like to say a word to yore tribe, Log a Log, me ole mate? Come on, don’t be shy.’ The new Log a Log thrust the rapier

dutiful molewife. Added to the scent of the orchard, an aroma of wonderful food created an intoxicating atmosphere. Janglur, Skipper and Rusvul had been temporarily relieved by three good Guosim, and were sitting together with Rimrose and Ellayo. All around them the buzz and chatter of happy creatures added to the festive spirit. Even the vari-hued butterflies and bumblebees that hovered about the orchard seemed part of the enchanted afternoon. Cregga Badgermum created an instant hush when she

the right, an’ circle in on ’em. I’ll go straight in. We’ll ’ave ’em on three sides wid the stream at their backs, and then fer a bit o’ sport, eh, cullies?’ Song hoped that her friends had heard. She stood up silently behind the broad trunk of a sycamore and held her breath. Within a hair’s breadth she sensed one of the weasels stalking by. She stepped out behind the dark shape and hit out with the greenstone-topped stick, slamming it square between the weasel’s scraggy ears. He fell without a

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