One Way (Sam Archer Book 5)

One Way (Sam Archer Book 5)

Tom Barber

Language: English

Pages: 236

ISBN: 1490343148

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

NYPD Detective Sam Archer is on his way home on a Sunday afternoon in New York City. He’s been out of the field for over three months due to a broken ankle and a nasty case of pneumonia, but has just been given the all clear to get back out there again, starting tomorrow. Archer takes a seat on a bench in the Upper West Side, enjoying a cold drink and soaking up the last remaining sun of the day.

Then he sees something totally unexpected.

Two men are crossing the street in front of him, heading quickly towards a group climbing into a car. Both men are armed with pistols.

And all hell breaks loose.

Shouting a warning and racing to their aid, a ferocious gunfight erupts, shattering the peaceful afternoon. Archer and the group are forced to flee uptown in the strangers’ vehicle, their ambushers giving chase. With their tyres blown out and the car crashing, the group have no choice but to take cover in a Harlem tenement block, situated in one of the most dangerous areas in the city. Their ambushers are close on their heels and seal off the building, pinning down the NYPD as they start to arrive.

Archer and the others are trapped in the building with their attackers.

Hiding out with the group from the car in an apartment upstairs, Archer starts to piece together the situation. The people he’s with are US Marshals, protecting a witness, a seven year old girl. Clearly, someone out there is desperate to kill her.

But as they barricade themselves in and wait for back-up, none of them realise the full extent of the danger they are in.

Others are on their way to the building, ruthless and trained killers who won’t leave until the girl is dead. As the scores of NYPD and Marshals on the street desperately try to figure out how they can get to their people inside, Archer and the Marshals must fight to stay alive against increasingly hopeless odds, running out of ammunition, chances and time.

Unarmed and totally unprepared, Archer is thrown back into the fray; either kill or be killed. As they encounter the enemy, take casualties and Archer learns who this child witness really is, two things become abundantly clear.

There’s only one way in or out of the building.

And it appears there’s only one way this can end.

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set of four, maybe five, definite adult prints, leading from the sea to the villa and back again. He looked up but saw nothing except clear blue sea and horizon. No ships, no sailboats. No people. Whoever did this was long gone. He turned away from the window and re-joined his partner, who still hadn’t moved as he stared at the massacre. He sensed his partner watching him and they made eye contact. Their priority now was to clear the rest of the residence. The two men pulled their

explosive and several M72 LAW portable rocket launchers. He’d ordered a helicopter and pilot contact to join them and be available on 24/7 standby. He’d bought enough tactical gear and weaponry to hold off a military siege. However, once they’d flicked on the television and seen what was happening tonight, any criticism of his seemingly excessive preparations had evaporated. Thanks to him, the team were now inside the building and armed to the teeth. They were all equally invested in ending the

comfortable meeting his clients in person and made it a rule never to do so. It kept things professional. He also didn’t like them knowing exactly what he looked like; he was just as expendable as the guys he was hired to kill. He looked at the man’s eyes through the eyeholes of the black balaclava, which stared straight back at him impassively. He was solidly built, broader and more thickset than Braeten and his guys. The way he was staring was pissing Braeten off. ‘Take a photo,’ Braeten

folded asking to see some ID. Despite looking so physically intimidating, he possessed an even temperament and an even cooler head, and was one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. He and the blond man on the bench had been NYPD partners for eight months, and had become great friends outside of the Department. ‘Getting there,’ Josh said. The other man nodded, rising from the bench, and took a seat on another positioned near the window. His name was Sam Archer; twenty eight years

they weren’t the only ones doing it. That was almost eleven years ago. Since then, Calvin and Denton had done their time in West Grove then applied, trained and been accepted to SRT, joining one of their entry teams and getting a slight rise in pay. Despite their secret doings, both men were proficient, intelligent officers and had quickly risen through the ranks, Calvin making Master Sergeant in the First Team of SRT three years ago and Denton Sergeant below him. They kept up their racket along

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