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After settlement negotiations between humanity and the alien Tarsalans go horribly wrong, the Earth is engulfed in a mysterious green sphere-blocking all sunlight from reaching the surface. Only two scientists-one isolated on the Moon's lunar colony, the other trapped on a dying Earth-possess the minds and the means to destroy the sphere before it renders the world completely barren...

Storm Force (24 Declassified, Book 7)

Sunrise Alley (Charon, Book 1)

Viking: Sworn Brother

Ferno The Fire Dragon (Beast Quest, Book 1)

Vingt mille lieues sous les mers




















depots—anyway, I’m sure you get my drift.” “We’ll try to make the bastards feel as if they’re helping.” Julia Petrov spoke up. “I should point out that we’ve received a communications drop from the Moon. It parachuted through the shroud without detection, and the Navy recovered it a thousand miles north of Easter Island yesterday. The mayor’s office in Nectaris says the Moon is mounting its own scientific effort to neutralize the shroud.” Neil felt some alarm. “The Moon?” he said. “Why’s the

third ring. “I wouldn’t stay in the area,” he said. “You don’t know Buzz the way I do. He’s a vindictive son of a bitch. When I was a regular at the Crossroads, there was barely a night that went by when he didn’t get in a fight. Hanna’s right. You should have killed him when you had the chance. Revenge is one of his main motivating principles. And now you’ve gone and killed his brother. In self-defense, admittedly, but that’s something Buzz isn’t going to understand.” “But where would we go?”

drafted him for it.” “And does he have any ideas… I mean… about what to do?” “He’s confident he can get rid of it in as little as two weeks. You know Neil.” “So you think it’ll be over in two weeks?” Her shoulders eased in relief. “That’s the timetable Neil’s given himself. And you know Neil. How are the kids, by the way? How’s Hanna’s asthma?” “It always gets worse this time of the year. All the pollen.” “And Jake’s okay?” “Jake’s fine. He’s loving all this… this craziness. He thinks it’s

herself and her children, but for the man who was trying to hunt them down. How Buzz must have loved his brother. She regretted killing Maynard. Never wanted to. But what choice had he given her? Buzz drove about halfway to the car and stopped. He got out of his truck and crouched behind the front fender for a long time, his rifle poised over the vehicle. Jake finished reloading the gun. At last Buzz called out. “Glenda?” He obviously thought they were still in the car. Jake’s hand tightened

Luke Langstrom is visiting us from the University of Mars. Sorry, Dr. Langstrom, but the money for this project will pale in comparison to some of the legendary research grants you’ve worked with. It’s the casinos that have all the money. Not us in council. Professor Langstrom, for those of you who don’t know, was the first to isolate evidence of prehistoric life on Mars in a series of experiments he conducted forty years ago in the Pegasus Cavern System of the Valles Marineris.” He turned to

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