Revealed (The Missing)

Revealed (The Missing)

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 1416989870

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After a mysterious appearance by Charles Lindbergh, it’s up to Jonah to save his town in the seventh book of the New York Times bestselling The Missing series, which Kirkus Reviews calls “plenty of fun and great for history teachers as well.”

It’s morning as usual at the Skidmore household—until Charles Lindbergh, the famous historical pilot, appears in their living room. Jonah can hardly believe his eyes—and then Lindbergh grabs Katherine and vanishes again. And that’s not all. Chip, Andrea, and all the other children from the plane have disappeared too. And worst of all, Jonah’s parents and all the other adults in his town have de-aged into children.

Jonah is the only one left, and the only one who can save everyone. With the help of de-aged JB and Angela, he has to collect the clues. And they lead directly back to Gary and Hodge, and a terrible plot that could mean the end of everything Jonah has ever loved. Can Jonah put the pieces together before time runs out?

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backseat,” JB told him. “I’ll get your parents in beside you and then we’ll throw a blanket over all three of you to keep you hidden.” “But I need to shut the garage door before we leave—” Jonah began to argue. “I’ll handle that!” JB ordered. “You stay out of sight!” There was such tension in his voice that Jonah obeyed. Who does JB really think would be watching? Jonah wondered. Gary and Hodge? This Charles Lindbergh character? The entire street looked deserted, and as far as Jonah could

gates were nearby: 2A, 2B . . . Something about 2B jogged his memory. It was right beside the door he’d sneaked through only moments ago, but also . . . Didn’t Angela say the planeload of babies pulled up to 2B? Jonah wondered. And didn’t she say she could see it from the gate she was standing at? Jonah pushed his way through the crowd to the other side of the aisle. There was gate 3. Two women were standing in front of clunky-looking old computer terminals at gate 3. One was the surly-looking

ever notice that about us?” Well, yes, Jonah had. Gary and Hodge had told awful lies to Jonah’s friend Gavin, to convince him to pull Jonah, Chip, Katherine, and another friend, Daniella, back to 1918. Jonah felt a little pang just thinking about his friends, who were now on their way to the future with Charles Lindbergh because Gary and Hodge had tricked him, too. Jonah must have let some of his emotion show through on his face, because Gary said, “Ah, you can’t tell me you actually wanted to

watched as she rang the doorbell. The door opened. As far as Jonah could tell, Eva didn’t even say a word at first—she just placed the baby in Mom’s arms. Mom and Dad looked confused at first, then tentatively hopeful, as if they were both thinking, Could this possibly be true? Is this real? Then overwhelming joy broke over both of their faces. Watching them come to understand that they finally had a baby of their own was like watching a sunrise. It was like looking at the sun—too intense for

for the tearing forces of the last stage of time travel. And then he was back in the dusty airfield office. Jonah realized that he was landing just a split second after he, JB, and Angela had left, because all the reporters were still streaming in through the door, pushing their way past the security guard and screaming out questions about Charles Lindbergh. As soon as he figured that out, his brain started an annoying short-circuit. Um, isn’t there something else you should be remembering? It

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