Sword Art Online 9: Alicization Beginning

Sword Art Online 9: Alicization Beginning

Reki Kawahara

Language: English

Pages: 376

ISBN: 2:00330003

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kirito was thrown into Underworld through FullDiving at first, and he and his friends Eugeo and Alice went on an adventure that goes awry. In Underworld, seven years later, Kirito reappeared and this time, Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice's sister Selka went on a quest to bring Alice back to her hometown.

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amazement at the same time. Even though they already knew Alice had been studying the sacred arts, they almost never had a chance to see it with their eyes. According to Sister Azariya’s teachings, all the rituals which had their sources of power from the god of life Stacia, the sun god Solus or the earth god Terraria —— except the dark arts which were used by the servants of the god of darkness Vector —— existed to protect the order and tranquility of the world, so they should not be used

noticed the unusual event occurring, caused by the two of them. He slowly moved his arm, and ordered the two villagers standing behind the two, 89 Sword Art Online Volume 9 – Alicization Beginning Prologue I “Take those children out of the square.” Immediately after that, Eugeo and Kirito’s napes were grabbed and dragged backward. “Damn...... let go!! ——Village chief!! Gasupht-ojisan! Is this alright!? Is it alright to let Alice be taken away like this!!?” Kirito struggled as if he went

remember what you ate during the dream anyway. Well, talking about having an all-you-can-eat cake every day......” After talking jokingly until this point, Kazuto cut off his words in the middle. The small eyebrows Shino saw under his slightly long forelock frowned. “......What’s the matter, Kirito-kun?” He didn’t immediately answer Asuna’s question, while his hand made a motion as if it was putting something into his mouth. “............Cake...... no, not it...... It’s harder...... salty......

streaming sound came from, judging by the sun’s location, would probably be the east. Before I started moving, my right hand searched my back again, of course there was not a single stick there, let alone a sword. I kicked the hopelessness away as I put my right foot out, it was just in ten steps that I reached the end of the grass covered ground. I passed through 190 Sword Art Online Volume 9 – Alicization Beginning Chapter 1 – Underworld the two old trees which rose as if they were natural

face. «That» which Eugeo said was the absolute law which governed all people of the vast Human World, its authority was far beyond the «Norlangarth North Empire Fundamental Law», let alone the «Rulid Villager’s Standard» —— Its name was «Taboo Index». It was issued by the «Axiom Church», the great tower which seemed to reach the heavens, located in capital city Centoria. The thick book which was bound in pure white leather was provided not only to the north empire that Eugeo lived in, but also

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