Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn (Thieves' World, Book 2)

Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn (Thieves' World, Book 2)

Lynn Abbey

Language: English

Pages: 299

ISBN: 0441805906

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The world's top fantasy writers spin stories and loop the loop with each other's characters in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, the second collection in this unique anthology series set in the amazing city of Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the quiet elegance of Ambrosia House; sample bizarre pleasures at the House of Whips; sip ale in the Vulgar Unicorn, and listen to some of the most strange, dangerous, magical and deadly tales ever told...

Philip Jose Farmer, A.E. Van Vogt, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Janet Morris, David Drake and Andrew J. Offutt have dreamed up a world of wonders - a fabulous reading adventure!

* Introduction - Robert Asprin
* Spiders of the Purple Mage - Philip José Farmer
* Goddess - David Drake
* The Fruir of Enlibar - Lynn Abbey
* The Dream of the Sorceress - A.E. van Vogt
* Vashanka's Minion - Janet Morris
* Shadow's Pawn - Andrew J. Offutt
* To Guard the Guardians - Robert Asprin
* Essay: The Lighter Side of Sanctuary - Robert Asprin

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he was gloomy—” somehow the powers of the defeated god of old Ilsig didn’t seem worth inquiring about.  So I’m ignorant of what he did, or how.” Abruptly, Cappen Varra was impatient.  “You asked for my advice,” he said curtly.  “I have given it to you.  Goodbye.” He walked off into the crowd. They brought Stulwig before the prince, who recognized him.  “Why, it’s the healer,” he said.  Whereupon, he glanced questioningly at Molin Torchbearer. The hall of justice was all too brightly lit by

mouth open, his arms spread out as if he were being crucified.  Once, he had been a tall muscular youth, very broad-shouldered, slim waisted, and long-legged.  Now he was fat, fat, fat, double-chinned, huge paunched with rings of sagging fat around his waist.  The once bright eyes were red and dark-bagged, and the once-sweet breath was a hellpit of stenches.  He’d fallen asleep without changing into nightclothes; his tunic was ripped, dirty, and stained with various things, including puke.  He

pittance!” Girl?  The woman was nearly his own age, unless another set of diamond rods existed, and he doubted that.  He yawned, not reaching up to take the purse that dangled over the lee of the roof, “I am disappointed.  I thought Shadowspawn could steal.” The innuendo was not lost on the invisible thief.  The purse was withdrawn.  An impalpable something told him he was once again alone, but for the clients of Vashanka’s Weaponshop.  Things would be interesting in Sanctuary, for a good

high, to ask him if he was hungry.  She brought him fish and he ate it, watching the doors. When he had just about finished, a terrible rumble crawled up the street, tremors following in its wake.  He slid from his horse and held its muzzle, and the reins up under its bit.  The doors of Vashanka’s Weaponshop grew shimmery, began taking colour.  Above, the moon went behind a cloud.  The little dome on the shop rocked, grew cracks, crazed, steamed.  The doors were ruby red, and melting.  Awful

wave of killings sweeping Sanctuary.  Zalbar could not argue with the prince’s logic.  Ever since that Weaponshop had appeared, suddenly, in the Maze to dispense its deadly brand of magic, killings were not only more frequent but of an uglier nature than usual.  Perhaps now that the shop had disappeared the madness would ease, but in the meantime he could ill afford the time to pursue Kurd with the vigour necessary to drive the vivisectionist from town. For a moment Kurd’s impassioned defence of

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