The Bones of Odin (Matt Drake) (Volume 1)

The Bones of Odin (Matt Drake) (Volume 1)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 314

ISBN: 1482504359

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A UK #1 BestSeller in Thriller and Action/Adventure. ~ Recommended for those who love an escapist action adventure. Reviews "Original! Fascinating! Breathtaking. . .Leadbeater really adds to the genre!" JOHN PAUL DAVIS, author of The Templar Agenda, a top 3 UK thriller. Did ancient Gods like Odin and Zeus and Thor once really exist? The time has come for a grand adventure filled with high excitement and explosive action. Matt Drake, a retired SAS officer, must unravel a mystery older than time in his search for the Nine Pieces of Odin. Though scattered aeons ago, it is believed that once the Pieces are reunited they will show the way to the Tomb of the Gods- the greatest archaeological find of all time. From a rocket attack on the Louvre to a battle in a Swedish cavern, from a daring helicopter raid on New York's National History Museum to an assault on a gangsters mansion in Hawaii, Matt Drake must find the world's oldest treasure in one of the wildest places on earth, searching for the very bones of the Gods with the spoils of victory being the entire world. Reader reviews: "can't wait for another Matt Drake adventure!!" "Bond meets The Da Vinci code but with higher stakes!" "if you like Andy Mcdermott or Matthew Reilly, get this book." "Another gem of a novel from this inventive writer." "this book is so full of life!"

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shouting out street names?” Ben stared at him. “I don’t know! Is it helping?” “No!” Drake cried back above the roar of the engine as he zoomed down a slip road and away from the Rue De Rivoli. A bullet ricocheted off the rear end. This was bad; this was serious stuff. These people were arrogant and powerful enough not to care who they hurt, and could live with the consequences. Why were the Nine Pieces of Odin so important to them? During the plane journey he’d again questioned himself about

that! Look sharp up there!” The voice surprised him, carrying the deep twang of the American South. Bollocks. The eagle-eyed soldier had seen him—or at least a flitting shadow—something he wouldn’t have thought possible in this gloom. He ran faster. A shot rang out, striking rock close to where he’d just been. A shadowy figure leaned out over the ledge—probably the American. “There’s a path down there among the ships. Nap time’s over, guys. Get your lazy asses movin’.” One of the Germans swore

to Ben and Kennedy—the two people he would protect with his life—Drake had to consider both Hayden and Karin too. Would all these concerns get in the way of saving the world? Only time would tell. The real war was coming and he, a man that had escaped it once, now stood as a soldier in the vanguard. War diminished you. It chipped chunks from your soul, took the man and molded him into a darker shadow of his real self. But Drake was ready to stand up and fight again. Endgames were being played

* He had come to realize that knowledge was not power after all. Power was actually hard proof. The discreet photograph. The HD video. Entrapment might be illegal, but if the victim was sufficiently terrified then the legality of anything was but an irrelevant obstacle. Abel Frey could engineer a ‘date night’ with a starlet or a rock-chick any time he chose. He could acquire a ‘lost’ painting or a sculpture from its unscrupulous owner, obtain front row seats to the hottest show in the

the broken bottle out of the ground. “For Selena Tyler.” She raised it above his head. “For Miranda Drury,” she added. Her first blow shattered teeth. “And for Emma Sulke.” Her second broke bone. “For Emily Jane Winters.” Her final blow stopped his heart. She knelt there in the bloodied earth, victorious, the adrenalin firing her veins and pounding through her brain, trying to claw back the humanity that had momentarily deserted her. FORTY-FOUR LA VEREIN, GERMANY Kennedy was

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