The Fire King (The Invisible Order, Book 2)

The Fire King (The Invisible Order, Book 2)

Paul Crilley

Language: English

Pages: 187

ISBN: 1536625892

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With humans threatened by otherworldly creatures, orphans Emily and William Snow, and their friends—the pickpocket Spring-Heeled Jack and the wisecracking Corrigan—find themselves two hundred years in the past, trapped in the London of 1666. Desperately in need of help, they go in search of Sir Christopher Wren, who was head of the Invisible Order, an organization dedicated to fighting this threat. But Wren’s never even heard of the Order and has no interest in their story.  

Stranded, the four cannot agree on their next step. But they’ll have to decide quickly, because their enemies are on the move and the Fire King is ready to attack and burn London to the ground. 

Set against the Great Fire of London, The Invisible Order, Book Two: The Fire King picks up right where Rise of the Darklings left off, weaving adventure, history, and legend into a thrilling, heart-stopping story.

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aware this slightly ruined the effect of trying to act like a grown-up, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She was just so frustrated with everyone. But Puck didn’t appear to notice. He stared at her in some surprise, then finally nodded. “Fair point,” he said. “And actually, I agree with you. Bringing someone else into the mix might shake things up a bit.” “Just one thing,” said Jack, leaning toward Puck. “Why are you doing all this? What’s in it for you?” Puck looked offended.

a thing. It wasn’t Christopher Wren. The figure was too tall, too thin for it to be the man she had spoken to. In fact, it looked more like … Cavanagh? Emily slowed down. She glanced warily around her, not sure what to expect. Why was Cavanagh fighting the knight? What did he have to do with anything? The others caught up with her, slowing down to stare at the figure lying on the grass. “Snow?” said Jack. “Care to tell us what’s going on?” “I have no idea,” she said, carefully approaching

thundered Kelindria. Barnaby started, then visibly tried to calm himself down. “Now begin again. Who is dead?” “The Black Knight.” Kelindria thought for a moment that she had heard wrong. “The Black Knight? The Morrigan’s warrior?” Barnaby gulped down a breath and nodded. “How?” “It was Wren. And the children. And Cavanagh.” “Talk sense!” Kelindria shouted. Barnaby drew a deep breath. “I took the Black Knight to Wren, as you ordered. But Cavanagh was with him.” “Who is this Cavanagh?”

They look a bit shifty to me. Why does she want in?” “Said she dropped something through the floorboards.” “Bloomin’ careless, if you ask me.” “My thoughts exactly.” “What does Barglehun say?” “Haven’t asked her yet.” “Well what are you waiting for? Ask her.” The eagle turned its wooden head so that it was looking into the shadows beneath the stage. “Barglehun?” “What?” shouted a rough voice. “Girl here wants to come under the stage. Says she dropped something.” “She sounds silly. Send

don’t know what you mean,” said Emily primly, putting an extra burst of speed into her step, just in case Jack tried to explain to her exactly what he did mean. As they drew closer to Nimue, Emily could see why someone would fall in love with her. She looked like she belonged to the Tuatha de Danaan branch of fey, as she was tall and regal-looking, very similar to the guards Emily had seen standing at the throne room doors the time she had come here with Corrigan. Now, here’s hoping her story

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