The Kingdom (A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure)

The Kingdom (A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure)

Clive Cussler, Grant Blackwood

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0425248089

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

 A search for a missing father and son. A find that could rewrite human history. Sam and Remi Fargo aren’t about to give up on either.

Sam and Remi Fargo return for the thrilling third adventure in the acclaimed new series.

In Spartan Gold and Lost Empire, Clive Cussler brought readers into the world of husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo, whose passion and instinct for treasure-hunting has led to extraordinary discoveries-and perilous journeys.

Their next adventure, however, might be their most astonishing yet.

The Fargos are used to hunting for treasure, not people. But then a Texas oil baron contacts them with a personal plea: an investigator friend of the Fargos' was on a mission to find the oil baron's missing father-and now the investigator is missing, too. Would Sam and Remi be willing to look for them both? Though something about the situation doesn't quite add up, the Fargos agree to go on the search.

What they find will be beyond anything they could have imagined. On a journey that will take them to Tibet, Nepal, Bulgaria, India, and China, the Fargos will find themselves embroiled with black-market fossils, a centuries-old puzzle chest, the ancient Tibetan kingdom of Mustang, a balloon aircraft from a century before its time . . . and a skeleton that could turn the history of human evolution on its head.

Packed with the endless imagination and breathtaking suspense that are his hallmarks, The Kingdom once again proves that Clive Cussler is "just about the best storyteller in the business" (New York Post).

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vigorously and forced a smile, then retrieved the luggage from the trunk and disappeared into the lobby. “We’ll let you get settled in,” said Russell, then handed them each a business card. “Give me a call later, and we can discuss how you’d like to proceed.” “Proceed?” Sam repeated. Marjorie smiled. “Sorry, Daddy probably forgot to tell you. He asked us to be your guides while you look for Mr. Alton. See you tomorrow!” With almost synchronized smiles and waves, the King children climbed back

cloud. Distances were deceptive here, he had learned. The vastness of the Qing Empire lay far behind the horizon. In the two years they’d spent in this country, Francesco and his brother had seen a wild variety of terrain—from jungles to forests to deserts—but of all of them, this place, this territory that seemed to have a dozen different pronunciations and spellings, was the most godforsaken. Comprised mostly of hills, some rolling and some jagged, the land was a vast canvas painted in only

smiling and staring up at the sky. “Almost noon,” Sam remarked. They’d been underground all morning. Suddenly, Sam sat up, his head turning this way and that. He leaned over to Remi and whispered. “Radio static. A portable radio.” Sam rolled over, crawled to a berm a few feet away, and peeked his head over the side. He ducked down and crawled back. “Police.” “A rescue party?” Remi asked. “Who would’ve called them?” “Just a guess, but I’d say our erstwhile exploratory escorts, the King

Though he’d long ago given up trying to get Hao to call him by his first name, he had hoped that at least by now the man would have ceased with the formality. “Tell the men to finish quickly. Our guest will be arriving soon.” Hao cast an eye to the horizon and saw what Giuseppe had pointed out a few minutes earlier. His eyes widened. He nodded curtly, said, “It will be done, sire!” then turned around and began barking orders to the dozens of local men milling around the hilltop clearing. He

swerved left, bumped into the side rail, then straightened out. Sam saw an orange muzzle flash from the window. A trio of bullets slammed into the tailgate below him. He threw himself backward onto the bed. Another salvo of gunfire shredded the rear flap and peppered the cab wall. “Sam?” Remi called. “It didn’t work!” “So I gathered!” “How do you feel about the wanton destruction of fossil artifacts?” “Generally against it, but this a special occasion!” “Buy me some time!” Remi began

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