The New Olympians (Pegasus)

The New Olympians (Pegasus)

Kate O'Hearn

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1442444169

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Emily and her companions, including the winged horse, Pegasus, must confront a legion of Olympic enemies in this third book of an action-packed series.

When Emily’s father and the goddess Diana return from a visit to Earth, they bring with them disturbing news. There’s a horse called Tornado Warning that’s winning all the races, with times faster than anyone’s ever seen. What could this mean? Emily, Joel, Paelen, Pegasus, and the sphinx Alexis return to Earth to investigate—and discover a CRU plot to clone Olympians and Nirads using DNA retrieved from their previous time in the human realm.

The CRU has already created dozens of Nirad warriors, Dianas, Paelens, Cupids, and Pegasuses. Now they want to create their own Emily clone—even if the original is killed in the process. Can Emily and her friends put a stop to the CRU’s plans before Jupiter finds out and carries through on his own threat to destroy the Earth?

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is so pro-peace, he wouldn’t destroy this planet just because the CRU may have created a few clones. He couldn’t.’ ‘You don’t know Jupiter,’ Joel said. ‘He is very protective of the Olympians.’ ‘And the order of nature,’ Emily added. ‘It’s true that in the past some of the Olympians had children with humans. But that was natural. Clones being created in a lab are different. Diana and Pluto know about this and why we’re here. If it’s true, they won’t stop Jupiter.’ ‘Ah, yes – Diana,’ Agent T

fitted through without a problem. Emily invited Earl to ride with her on Pegasus while Alexis offered to carry Agent T. As the group took to the air, they flew as high as the humans could withstand. With the light of the moon and Agent T’s compass to guide them, they started the long journey west. Earl whooped and cheered like a kid at riding Pegasus. His excitement was infectious and kept Emily in fits of laughter as he waved and called to Paelen and then over to Joel on Chrysaor. Even after

and yet they kept coming, hoping to cut her and Pegasus down out of the sky. He was so engrossed watching the fight that he failed to notice Joel was slipping. Suddenly Chrysaor screamed. ‘Joel!’ Paelen cried as his friend tumbled away from Chrysaor and free-fell into the darkness below. ‘Sandals, get me to Joel!’ Paelen cried in a panic. The winged sandals reacted instantly. Paelen entered a dive as he chased after Joel. Chrysaor continued to squeal as he turned in the sky and dived down to

may draw Jupiter’s attention. Chrysaor believes it is safer to wait here as they know this tower is our meeting place.’ Joel looked incredulous. ‘You want us to sit here and wait while the CRU create more clones?’ Chrysaor squealed and grunted. Paelen sighed and nodded his head. ‘Chrysaor is correct. We are hungry and getting weaker without ambrosia. We must eat first.’ ‘And you really should wear some clothes,’ Frankie added. ‘On my planet, we don’t walk around naked.’ Joel realized he was

dry Groom Lake bed. The heavily armed Nirad soldiers kept the Area 51 personnel apart from the clones. ‘Is that my friend Emily I see?’ Emily turned at the voice and saw Earl approaching. He ran forward and embraced her tightly. ‘Ain’t you a sight for sore eyes! Lord, I thought you’d never get here. These CRU folks ain’t nice people!’ Emily clung to Earl, grateful that he was alive. There was a Nirad standing close at his side. Earl turned to introduce him. ‘This is my friend B-15. He got me

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