The Oracle's Message (Rogue Angel, Book 32)

The Oracle's Message (Rogue Angel, Book 32)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 212

ISBN: 2:00307151

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Men would do anything for it…but one woman will determine its fate

Steeped in legend, the Pearl of Palawan has a history marked by destruction, vengeance and love. But more important, the mythical black pearl is rumored to grant a power long coveted by mankind—immortality. It is a power men would risk dying to achieve.

Sun, sand and scuba diving in the Philippines certainly sounded like an ideal vacation. But after a way-too-close-for-comfort encounter with a tiger shark, archaeologist Annja Creed finds herself drawn into a group of German divers. They are treasure hunters searching for the fabled pearl. Out of curiosity, Annja accompanies them. But when an old friend of hers turns up unexpectedly, she finds herself torn between her past and new acquaintances.

The race is on to possess the pearl. But no one realizes the true nature of the artifact, or the danger it poses to them all.

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Another potential reason why this couldn’t possibly be Spier or his men. Annja drifted slowly farther down, trying to remain just out of the light’s ambient pool. If the shadow turned and saw her, the jig would be up, of course. And Annja wanted to know what he was doing down here. A dark shape shot past her in the dark. She winced, feeling the burst of adrenaline and fear flood her system. She was exposed, she knew, but she had little choice until the shadow moved again. When he did, he

followed by Hans and the rest of the team. Annja’s mind raced. She couldn’t imagine they were still within the confines of the coral reef. The structure they were in was far too large. What if the reef wasn’t at the bottom of the seafloor, the way it appeared, but rather was the top of the structure they were in? That would account for the way they’d descended when they first entered the tunnel, only to have to then climb once they were inside the structure. Was it possible, therefore, that

said. “They seemed to find us with startling regularity. We had little choice but to keep them here as slaves. Inevitably, they never survived for long.” “You killed them?” Hsusia shook her head. “They all grew sick and perished.” “Why?” “I do not know. Perhaps there is something about our environment that your kind cannot tolerate.” They emerged from the corridor and, at another portal ahead, Annja saw two more guards standing at attention. Hsusia paused in front of the door. “There is

felt the puncture and then shook her head. “I actually think I’m all right for the moment. Something tells me that the water down there maybe have helped kill off any infection. I’ll go see the doctor after we get something to eat.” “You’re sure?” “Yeah.” Roux stepped onto the dock next to Annja. “Well, that was a little more adventure than I was actually intending to have.” “There’s an understatement,” Annja said. “Shame about Heinkel and Spier,” Roux said. “But I guess there’s no

would have happened to you if we hadn’t been in the area.” “I would have died,” Annja said. Hans looked at her. But seeing nothing in Annja’s face that betrayed a sense of weakness, he merely sighed. “I think that would have been a shame.” “I agree,” Annja said. She glanced around the boat. Oxygen tanks, regulators and fins were stacked neatly nearby. “You guys going diving, too?” “We were.” “Were?” “Well, before we found you. Our diving plans will now take on a secondary importance until

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