The Rivers of Zadaa (Pendragon)

The Rivers of Zadaa (Pendragon)

D.J. MacHale

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0689869126

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


The struggle of good versus evil continues as Bobby Pendragon follows Saint Dane to the territory of Zadaa. Saint Dane's influence has fueled the fire of discontent between two warring tribes: the Rokador and the Batu. This is also the territory where the Traveler Loor lives as a member of the Batu. Together she and Bobby must work to thwart Saint Dane's efforts to destroy Zadaa.

But as Bobby pursues Saint Dane, he begins to notice changes in himself. He is no longer a flip kid looking for excitement. He is a young man beginning to see this quest as more than a series of adventures. He is also learning that as a Traveler, he had powers no normal human should have.

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were doing all they could to help the other Rokador escape. They were doing their duty till the end. The whole scene looked eerily like lifeboats leaving a sinking ship. Except in this case there would be no rescue ship coming by. I could only hope that they had enough knowledge of the underground that they would find an escape route to the surface. “Down here!” Saangi said. We ran down a rocky slope where we saw, hidden behind a large boulder, another silver boat like the one Loor and I came

your tricks. We know how you think. And…we're the good guys.” Saint Dane thrust his sword at me. I knocked it away, spun the stave, and hit him square on the side of his head. I heard him bellow in pain. I didn't stop. I hit him again, straight in the gut. He doubled over and dropped the sword. I wanted more. All the anger, all the frustration, all the hatred for this guy poured out of me through Loor's stave. It was payback time. I had no sympathy. I pummeled him. I hit him in the head, the

know that I think about you every day. I'm going to get through this, and I'm going to come back. I know that's the way it was meant to be. I miss you. Love, Courtney Moments after Mark found this letter in his mailbox and took it to his room to read, his ring began to twitch. He jumped in surprise. Bobby's next journal was on the way in. Mark didn't even have time to process Courtney's message before having to think about news from Bobby. “Perfect,” Mark said to himself sarcastically. “Why

never admit it, but when she and Mark entered the flume to help save Eelong, she was also trying to save herself. She saw this as a chance to get back her self-​confidence and prove to everyone that she hadn't changed. Most of all she needed to prove it to herself. When Courtney and Mark left Second Earth, they definitely rose to the occasion. If they hadn't stepped in, Eelong would have been doomed. Worse, Bobby might have died. Their adventure on Eelong was everything Courtney hoped it would

he was telling the truth, or just trying to upset me. The more I think about it, the more it's got me worried. There's always some small shred of truth in everything Saint Dane says. The details of what he meant about Courtney finding a beau, whatever that is, don't matter. What matters is that he would know anything about you guys at all. I'm not saying this to scare you. I don't think you're in danger. My biggest fear is that he may have come to Second Earth to begin laying the groundwork for

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