The Sword of Cortes (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow, No.4)

The Sword of Cortes (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow, No.4)

Rob Kidd

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1423100611

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is it! Jack and his crew have found the Sword of Cortes, but along with it, they’ve also found Cortes himself. And he’s not the kind ruler they thought he’d be. Jack and his crew have defeated a storm king, escaped sirens, defeated the notorious pirate Left Foot Louis, but can they possibly conquer a conquistador with god-like powers? 

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the winds is that you are drowning.""Drowning?" Jack asked. "No, no, there's no drowning going on here. I was always a good swimmer," he said, placing a hand on the Sword."You can drown in things other than water. The Sword is full of power that is most difficult to balance, Jack Sparrow." As she spoke, she moved about her shack, arranging curiosities and petting a kind of animal that Jack had never seen before."Well, I have no choice. There are things I need to do with it." "The waves say it

going down, mate, and your cursed sword is going with you," Jack said to Cortes. He slipped the white bead onto the lock and knotted his hair at the end to hold the beads in place. Then he held the stone eye up to Cortes's decaying face. Yet not even Jack was prepared for what happened next. The instant the beads touched--red over white--the stone eye exploded. Streams of light burst from it like fireworks, whistling skyward. They expanded as they hit the air and dispersed in all directions,

transpired was far too much for her to bear. Still, Arabella began to wake almost immediately. Jack made sure she was all right, then bent down to pick up the Sword."Jack! What are ye doing?" Arabella cried out."Trust me, love. I've one more thing to do with this blasted sword."Jack eyed the Sword with grave disappointment. It had promised so much. It should have been his ticket to freedom. Instead, it, like its namesake, was just a despot that made anyone who wielded its power a pawn in its

enough last time. I suppose the best thing to do is sail to a place where there is no land in sight and just wait. Easier for an island to drop in, when there's not an obstacle in the way," Jack reasoned.Jack pointed the Sword at the sails, and a gust of wind filled them. The Grand Barnacle sped far out into the Caribbean waters. After some time, Jack found himself in a part of the Caribbean Sea where he could see no land not the slightest indication of an island in any direction."Guess I'll just

Sword frantically toward the area where the navy ship had been, trying to raise it from the depths. But nothing happened. He stared in disbelief as splintered planks bobbed on the waves. But it was no use. The ship had gone to Davy Jones's locker.Stunned, Jack held his head in his hands for a moment. Then, he quickly jumped up. In a furious panic, he began to race around the Grand Barnacle, examining it for damage. The ship had been rocked by explosions during the battle. But as Jack surveyed the

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