The Virtual Pirate: Elizabeth Latimer, Pirate Hunter

The Virtual Pirate: Elizabeth Latimer, Pirate Hunter

Deborah Cannon

Language: English

Pages: 110

ISBN: 1492823260

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It’s Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day in Victoria BC, when a high-school event goes dangerously awry. The girl cast as pirate princess Alwilda is literally swept off her boots by a young man claiming to be her betrothed—Prince Alf of 5th century Denmark! In this prequel to the Elizabeth Latimer Pirate Hunter series, the popular pirate blogger and junior fencing champ receives a Facebook request for friendship from the mysterious “Shadowfencer,” and a pirate legend unbelievably comes to life.

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is wearing harnesses and leashes too. They’s tied down to them stakes to keep them from wandering all over the place.” Elizabeth scowled. This was different. The next cop she saw she was going to report him. A full breeze gusted in her face, flapping her hair around. She circled some of the tables glancing at the treasures and artifacts for sale. One table had a miniature fleet of her dad’s sailboat carvings. Lots of people were hovering about admiring them and some were even buying them.

ended up a peg leg. Alf laughed. “Heavens, child. You don’t seriously think you can fight me with that? Can you even lift it?” Elizabeth scowled and yanked it out of the plank with both hands. Their swords rang, and bounced apart, and rang again. Up, down, overhand and underhand, he drove his sword relentlessly against her. She almost lost her grip at one point when he threw an undercut, but she gave him a two-handed parry and delivered exactly what she got. He was her superior in height and

keys. The cobra turned its flared head in Holly’s direction. Do not move, Liz willed her thought. Liz tapped again. This time the snake ignored it. Shadowfencer took a cautious step forward. The snake jerked its head. He crooked his forefinger at Holly, beckoning her to take a step toward him. She refused. Move, Holly, Liz silently begged. You have to move if you want to get out of there. Holly remained paralyzed. Holly could not take her eyes off the snake. The snake could not take its eyes

minute. It was only one person. She ran toward the footfalls and bashed into Holly. “OMG Holly, are you okay?” “Let’s get out of here,” she said, “Before that nutcase comes back for me.” “You mean Alf?” “Yeah, Alf. You know he really thinks he’s Prince Alf? The Prince Alf?” “Yeah, I know.” Liz paused. “Where’s the janitor? I mean Shadowfencer.” “Who?” “The guy who rescued you. Where is he?” Holly stopped to catch her breath. “He said to find you, then go to the main floor. He said we could

“CJ,” CJ said. Lulu came into her room and extended a hand. CJ landed on her head. “Okay, that’s enough of that, wisenheimer.” “Wisenheimer,” CJ said. “Argh.” “We’ll have to train him out of that,” Liz said. She returned to tossing pirate books and paraphernalia into the box. All of Sabatini’s novels landed title-side up. “Did you hear from him?” Lulu asked. Liz didn’t have to ask who the ‘him’ Lu referred to was. She knew exactly who she was talking about and shook her head. Lu went to

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