They Found Atlantis

They Found Atlantis

Dennis Wheatley

Language: English

Pages: 275

ISBN: B000K116TS

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Atlantis: for centuries the magic of that name has haunted man's imagination. Now, an incredible expedition is being prepared. Its destination: the final resting place of the ancient gold-encrusted city – one mile beneath the surface of the sea. For the lovely Camilla and her band of adventurers the days to come are full of danger. Ahead lies the silence of the unknown Deeps – and a nightmare of terror and betrayal.

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only just beginning to unbutton his trousers when he stirred, grunted, and sat up. “What the thunderin’ blazes—” he began, grabbing at his trousers in outraged modesty. He saw Lulluma bending over him with an amused smile, and then—behind her rounded shoulder—he caught sight of the stark naked bodies of his six friends as they lay sleeping in the sun. He shut his eyes tightly for a moment then opened them again. Lulluma was still smiling at him. “Good God!” he ejaculated, “it’s still there—I

weary now the others hauled themselves up beside him and wriggled along over the sharp corners on their stomachs. The blockage continued for fifty yards and downward-jutting rocks in the roof made the passage still more difficult. Before they had reached its further end they could smell the stench of the fish eaters entering it behind them. Camilla dropped exhausted on the far side of the rocks. Vladimir picked her up, slung her over his shoulder and pushed on, leading now; Axel and Nicky were

whole region of Atlantis lay towards the south and was sheltered from the north. Further that its capital was on a low mountain no more than sixty miles from the sea. Pretty obviously that meant on one of the foothills of the range which formed the northern coast so the canal which connected it with the open ocean must have been either between the island of St Maria in the extreme west and St Miguel further north or between St Miguel and the big island of Pico north east of us. The odds are

moments later, they were lowered again they landed upon a completely different type of bottom at 5,230 feet. A mist of tiny white particles rose like a cloud when the sphere came to rest as softly as though upon a bed of down and, as it cleared, the beam showed the reason. They were now in an undersea valley bottom into which the currents of the ocean floor had carried millions upon millions of shells, octopus beaks and teeth of long dead fish. They lay there white and even like a snowy carpet

shoulder. “Up shields!” ordered the McKay, as he continued to press forward, then, when they had advanced another hundred yards he saw a lofty break in the wall beyond the place where the herd were massed together. “That’s the way they come,” he whispered to Axel. “God knows where it leads but we’ve got to chance that and get through it somehow. I had hoped that the bombs would clear this place altogether.” “You forget the fish,” Count Axel whispered back. “Last night they had full stomachs

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