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Crescent Dawn (Dirk Pitt, Book 21)

Insatiable Appetites (Stone Barrington, Book 32)

Dustland Requiem (A Bard's Folktale, Book 2)

The Sea Runners

Seeker's Curse (Rogue Angel, Book 19)


















hatch and added sharply, “But have Ferguson kept aboard. I will deal with him myself.” Herrick looked mystified. “Ferguson, sir?” Bolitho eyed him coldly. “He is my clerk, Mr Herrick! Have you forgotten so soon that you chose him for me?” He gave a brief smile and saw the relief flooding across the other man’s face. “Aye, aye, sir!” Herrick strode to the rail. “Man the side there! Stand by for the captain!” The pipes trilled and Bolitho vanished down into the boat. Herrick looked round as

pressed men, too. Much better than volunteers for this job!” Vibart nodded. “Quite right, Mr Brock. There’s nothing better to give an edge to the press. No sailor likes to think others are getting away with it!” Brock frowned. “An’ why should they? It’s not right that the fleet is expected to fight bloody battles and keep the country free of the Frogs without help from these lazy, pampered civilians! They make money and live happily with their wives while we do all the hard work!” He spat out

sword. Inwardly he wished it was Herrick at his side, but the latter would have his work cut out handling the ship’s firepower. And anyway, Bolitho thought with sudden irritation, Okes was now first lieutenant. Vibart was dead. Not even a memory any more. By the cabin hatch Stockdale saw Bolitho’s grave face and gave a slight nod. He saw the captain’s eyes catch the gesture and then move. But Stockdale was satisfied. Bolitho knew he was there. And that was enough. Close-hauled, and making heavy

where the troops are camped!” Bolitho wiped his smoke-blackened face and nodded. “There will be a hornet’s nest about our ears shortly!” With their ships destroyed and no battery to protect them, the French soldiers would be all the more willing to die to avenge their disgrace, he thought grimly. But it was done. And done far better than he had hoped. In future, people might remember this when they spoke the name of the Phalarope. Lieutenant Matthew Okes stared down from the gun-battery

strong force of ships of the line, the most powerful vessels ever gathered under one flag, and were I in his fortunate position I would have no hesitation in preparing to do battle.” He coughed again, and Bolitho felt a tremor of uneasiness transmit itself through the watching officers. The strain of years of planning and fighting were paring Rodney away like a knife blade. When he had sailed for England there was not an officer in his fleet who did not believe it was his last journey and that

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