Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters; Or, Battling with Flames from the Air

Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters; Or, Battling with Flames from the Air

Language: English

Pages: 94

ISBN: 1522930140

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Victor Appleton was a popular author in the 20th century, but Victor was not a single individual. instead, that name was used as a pseudonym by the Stratemeyer Syndicate to put out the popular Tom Swift series.

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again. "We've got to rescue Mary!" he said to Ned, who nodded. In another moment the two young men were lost to sight in a swirl of smoke that swept across the street. And while they are thus temporarily hidden may not this opportunity be taken of telling new readers something of the hero of this story? The young inventor was introduced in the first volume of this series, called "Tom Swift and his Motor Cycle." It was Tom's first venture into the realms of invention, after he had purchased

and he laughed a little though his heart was far from light. And then, having seen to the final details, he took his place in the big airship with Ned, Mr. Damon and Josephus Baxter. The craft carried the largest possible load of fire extinguishing chemicals. As Tom had feared, the Lucifer staggered a bit in "taking off" late that afternoon when the start was made for the distant city of Denton, where the first real test was to be made under the supervision and criticism of the fire department.

escapes. They have started the work, but just now the old escapes have been torn down and the new ones are not yet in place." "Oh, but Uncle Barton! can't we do something?" cried Mary. "There must be some way out! Let's try the elevators again, or the stairs!" Before Mr. Keith could stop her Mary had opened the door into the hall. To the agreeable surprise of her uncle there seemed to be less smoke now. "We may have a chance!" he cried, and he rushed out. "Hurry!" Frantically he pushed the

had to stay in de dark!" Of course it would be too much to hope that Koku and Eradicate never again quarreled, but for a long time their warm friendship was a thing at which to marvel, considering the past. "Well, I guess this settles it," said Tom to Ned one day, after going over the day's mail. "Settles what, Tom?" "My aerial fire-fighting apparatus. Here's word from the National Fire Underwriters Association that they have adopted it, and there will be a big reduction of rates in all

it?" asked Ned. "No. It's probably Mr. Baxter," Tom answered. "The doctor said he might get violent once or twice, until the effects of his shock wore off. There is some quieting medicine I can give him. I'll run up." "Guess I'd better go along," remarked Ned. "Sounds as if you'd need help." And it did appear so, for again the frenzied shouts sounded: "I'll get 'em! I'll get the scoundrels who stole my secret formulae that I worked over so many years! Come back now! Don't put the match near

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