Tom Swift in Captivity: Or a Daring Escape by Airship (Tom Swift, Book 13)

Tom Swift in Captivity: Or a Daring Escape by Airship (Tom Swift, Book 13)

Victor Appleton

Language: English

Pages: 95


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tom Swift in Captivity is the 13th book in the original Tom Swift series.

"Every boy possesses some form of inventive genius. Tom Swift is a bright, ingenious boy and his inventions and adventures make the most interesting kind of reading."

"These spirited tales convey in a realistic way, the wonderful advances in land and sea locomotion and other successful inventions. Stories like these are impressed upon the memory and their reading is productive only of good."

This series of adventure novels starring the genius boy inventor Tom Swift falls into the genre of "invention fiction" or "Edisonade".


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named that because he "eradicated" dirt, was a colored man of all work, who had been in the service of the Swift household for several years. He and his mule Boomerang were fixtures. "There, I guess that will do," remarked Tom, after testing the magneto, and finding that it gave a fat, hot spark. "That ought to send us along in good shape. Got all the gas in, Rad?" "Every drop, Massa Tom." "Then catch hold and help wheel the Lark out. Ned, you steady her on that side. How are the tires? Do

nodded, showing that at least he understood something, and then spoke to his companions. They conversed in their loud voices for some time, and then motioned to the pack animals. "I guess they want us to come along," said Torn, "but let's have breakfast first. Rad, get things going. Maybe the giants will have some coffee and condensed milk, though they'll have to take about ten cupsful to make them think they've had anything. Make a lot of coffee, Rad." "But good land a massy, dey'll eat up

crept around to the rear, and set the inflamable side of the hut ablaze. Desperately Tom looked around. There was no means at hand of fighting fire. Hardly a bucket of water was in the place, and the structure was filled with quick-burning stuff, while the fireworks that remained, and the blasting powder, made it doubly dangerous. Then Tom's eyes lighted on the big aeroplane, ready for instant service. "That's it!" he cried suddenly. "It's our only hope, and the last one! Come on, everybody!

a big sensation when exhibited, and Mr. Preston said he was well worth the fifteen thousand dollars he had cost. "Well, Tom, what next?" asked Ned one day, when they had been home several weeks and had told their story over and over again. "No where!" exclaimed Tom. "I'm going to take a long rest." But Tom Swift wasn't that kind of a young man, and he was soon active again. If you care to learn more of his doings you may do so in the next volume of this series, to be called, "Tom Swift and His

drink the milk. Then the monkeys throw you down a palm leaf fan to cool yourself off, while you're eating it. Oh, I tell you, Rad, South America is the place to go to have a good time." "I believe you, Massa Tom. When do we-all start?" "Pretty soon now." "An' what all am yo' gwine arter, Massa Tom?" The young inventor thought a moment. In times past he had not hesitated to confide in his colored helper, but of late years Eradicate had become somewhat childish, and he talked more than was

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