Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice, Or, the Wreck of the Airship (Dodo Press)

Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice, Or, the Wreck of the Airship (Dodo Press)

Language: English

Pages: 148

ISBN: 1406509159

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

American boys' fiction under pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate who produced Tom Swift series, Nancy Drew mysteries, the Hardy Boys, Dave Fearless and many others.

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throng. "He can't get us now!" exclaimed Tom, as he increased the speed of the RED CLOUD, and then, taking up a telescope, after setting the automatic steering gear, Tom pointed the glass at the person whom Mr. Damon had indicated. Chapter XII - Pelted by Hailstones * "Yes, that's the man all right," observed the lad. "But if he came here to have another try for the map, he's too late. I hope we don't land now until we are in the valley of gold." Tom passed the telescope to Ned, who

said one of their number had been in the cave when a storm came an' saw a big spirit fly in, with men on its back. He ran away an' now others have come to see what it was. They don't guess it's an airship, for they've never seen one. but they know we're white folks, an' they always want things white folks have got." "This fellow is a sort of chief, an' he says the white folks?— that's us, you know?—have taken th' Indians' cave. He says he doesn't want t' have any trouble, an' that we can stay

down there, to see what they are like. Perhaps there is a trail from among the ice caves to the valley of gold." "I don't think so," said Abe, shaking his head. "I think th' gold valley lies over that high ridge," and he pointed to one. "That's where me an' my partner was," he went on. "I recognize th' place now." "Well, we'll go down here, anyhow," decided Tom, and he pulled the lever to let some gas out of the bag, and tilted the deflection rudder to send the airship toward the odd caves.

though it's more like winter. We're above th' Arctic circle now, friends." "Maybe we can keep on to the Pole," suggested Ned. "Not this trip," spoke Tom, grimly. "We'll try for the gold, first." "Yes, an' I'm goin' t' begin diggin' right away!" exclaimed Abe, as he turned back into the airship, and came out again with a pick and shovel, a supply of which implements had been brought along. The others followed his example. and soon the ice chips were flying about in a shower, while the sun

spoke Tom in a low tone to Ned, "I've seen enough." The two chums moved toward Ned's house, followed by the jeers and mocking laughter of Andy and his cronies. "Can't you get back at them in some way?" asked Ned, for he did not like to see himself or his friend apparently vanquished by the bully. "He laughs best who laughs last, Ned." "What do you mean?" "I mean that when Andy tries to fly in his triplane it will be our turn to laugh." "Won't it fly?" "Never, the way he has it rigged up.

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