Treasure of Lima (Rogue Angel, Book 46)

Treasure of Lima (Rogue Angel, Book 46)

Alex Archer, Joseph Nassise

Language: English

Pages: 168

ISBN: 2:00307099

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

White beaches and coral reefs should be adventure-proof…

For archaeologist and TV show host Annja Creed, a restful vacation in Costa Rica is as elusive as a rare artifact. Days into her sojourn, Annja's peace is interrupted by a woman with a mysterious—and enticing—tale. Weeks earlier, her husband led an expedition into the rain forest, in search of the lost treasure of Lima, and hadn't returned. The priceless hoard was smuggled out of Peru during the country's nineteenth-century revolt against Spain. But it disappeared when a ship captain went mad with greed.

Twenty-six expeditions have gone after the treasure. And twenty-six expeditions have vanished.

Sympathetic to the woman's distress, Annja agrees to head up a rescue party for her missing husband. And Annja can't deny her own interest in the lost hoard. Now the fates of two expeditions are at stake, along with a fortune in gold, silver and jewels rumoured to be exquisite. But the dense jungle of Cocos Island guards its primitive secrets well. Danger lurks beneath the ancient green canopy. And this time, Annja doesn't see it coming….

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HOUR LATER the ship got under way with a minimum of fuss. The harbormaster would normally have given them some grief about leaving at this hour of the night, but with rumors of the city’s fall swirling about like smoke around a campfire, he didn’t begrudge those who wanted to get out before the hammer came down and let them go with nary a word. Thompson had given orders that they head north for several kilometers and that was precisely what they did, cutting through the darkness like a knife

with him, so when he’d invited her along on the dive expedition earlier that morning she’d readily agreed. There were three other resort guests on the dive, all beginners. Due to her previous diving experience, Manuel had let her go down ahead of the others so that she’d have the chance to view the grotto uninterrupted, just as he had the first time he’d dived the well. Gazing at it now, she was thankful that he had; it was a glorious sight! Other lights broke the gloom above her and she knew

overwhelmed with treasure fever, but that wasn’t what was driving her. No, she’d been a victim of her own ego, and that was especially galling. “My apologies, Dr. Knowles. She had emails that you sent from the dig site, detailed summaries of what you’d accomplished to date—everything looked legitimate.” Knowles had himself back under control. “It’s not your fault, Miss Creed, so please don’t blame yourself. She must have hacked my email account,” he said. “That’s the only way she could have

She was convinced the guards would have torn her and Richard limb from limb if the king wasn’t in the room. Instead, they forced them to kneel in front of the dais, where the king waited, the queen at his side. The king glowered at them, then tapped his staff of office three times, bringing silence to the room. Whatever’s next is going to be official, Annja thought, and indeed she was correct. It was official. An official death sentence, in fact. The king spoke and the queen translated.

think you’re right.” She composed herself and then began her tale. “My husband, Dr. Richard Knowles, and I came down here three weeks ago as part of an investigative expedition. Richard is head of the Antiquities Department at the University of Chicago.” Claire paused, looked down and then said, “Antiquities is the branch of science that studies—” Annja interrupted, “I know what the antiquities department does,” she said with a smile. “Go on.” “Right. Sorry. Well, Richard’s been interested in

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