Tusk the Mighty Mammoth (Beast Quest, Book 17)

Tusk the Mighty Mammoth (Beast Quest, Book 17)

Allan Frewin Jones, Adam Blade

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: 1408300028

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tusk the Mighty Mammoth rules the rotting forests of Gorgonia with razor sharp tusks. She terrorizes the rebels at war with the evil wizard Malvel and is holding Ferno the Fire Dragon captive. Can Tom and Elenna defeat Tusk before Malvel's guards track them down?
"Then a vast shape came smashing out of the trees to their left. At first, all Tom saw were flying branches and whole trees uprooted and thrown through the air. Then, lunging through the chaos, came the most immense Beast Tom had ever seen.

Tusk came thundering forward, her huge trunk lifted as she roared, her feet crushing everything in her path."

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closer,” Elenna called down. “Tom, go and find Ferno — quickly!” “I’ll be back as soon as possible!” called Tom. “Hold on, Elenna. Come on, boy!” He leaped into Storm’s saddle and urged the brave horse into the trees, toward the cries of the dragon. Tom kept his sword ready, hacking and slashing at any ferns that came too close. The ferns moved away from him as he rode through the thick trees, and then closed in again behind him. Tom knew that without his sword, the ferns would have swarmed

him from serious injury! Storm was bucking and rearing, neighing furiously and kicking out with his hooves. Tom could see Ferno struggling uselessly, caught tight by the ferns. The dragon’s angry voice filled his head. Tusk ignored the horse and the dragon, turning instead to fix her red eyes on Tom. He scrambled to his feet, backing away through the trees, his shield up, his sword in his fist. “Come on! I’m ready for you!” he shouted. The mammoth stomped toward him, her golden tusks tearing

look at Tom. “Hold on tight!” she shouted. Tusk came to a halt, her great feet pounding the earth as she peered through the trees. She had heard Elenna’s voice. Her trunk went up and she let out an earsplitting bellow as her red eyes caught sight of Elenna dangling upside down in the treetops. The mammoth moved toward her, ripping up trees with her trunk as she went. Tom had to do something! Getting carefully to his feet, Tom balanced himself on the great swaying head. He had one hope of

of life. “Hello!” he called, hammering desperately on the gates. “I need help!” He knew he was putting the rebels in danger by shouting out like that and drawing attention to their camp, but he had no choice. He had to save Elenna! No one answered. Was the camp deserted? Had the rebels fled? He stared up anxiously at the tall gates. There was no way he could climb over them. How was he ever going to get into the camp? I’ll send in my shadow, thought Tom. He’ll find out what’s happening in

Gorgonia,” he shouted. “Follow me!” He ran away from the camp, his men following as the arrows hissed through the air around their ears. “We will meet again!” Seth howled to Tom. “And on that day, you will die!” There was cheering from the rebels as the Gorgonian guards fled. A few of the rebels came running toward them. Tom recognized one of them, a small, slender figure racing ahead of the others. It was Odora, the rebel girl who had helped them in their fight against Narga the Sea Monster.

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