Wolf-Speaker (Immortals #2)

Wolf-Speaker (Immortals #2)

Tamora Pierce

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1416903445

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Daine is summoned by the wolf pack that saved her life a year earlier, she knows she has to go. She and Numair travel to Dunlath Valley to answer the call. But when they arrive, Daine realizes with a shock that it's not just the animals whose lives are threatened; people are in danger too. Dunlath's rulers have discovered black opals in their valley and are dead set on mining the magic these stones embody. Daine learns that Dunlath's lord and lady plan to use this power to overthrow King Jonathan -- even if it means irreversibly damaging the land and killing their workers.
On a mission to save both her animal friends and her human ones, Daine has to master her wild magic in order to fight for the kingdom and triumph over the would-be usurpers.

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scared.” He put down his brush and gave her his full attention. “What of?” She looked at her hands. They were chapped from cold, and this was only the third week of September. “Remember what I told you? That I went crazy and hunted with wolves after bandits killed Ma and Grandda and our animals?” He nodded. “They helped you to avenge the deaths.” “What if it happens again? When I see them, what if I forget I’m human and start thinking I’m a wolf again? I’m s’posed to have control of my wild

Master Numair would pass out from the nightbloom in his wine and when that didn’t work, Tristan said there was no way Master Numair could leave the valley. Yolane said they’re in trouble if Numair warns the king, and Tristan said he only knows Tristan and Alamid and Gissa are here. He said they’ll warn the other con—conspirators, and speed up the rebellion. They’ll strike with the next full moon, not at Midwinter like they planned.” Daine dug her brushes, paper, and ink out of the pack.

rope and gave it to Iakoju. “I’m not doing this for you, Tait,” Daine called. “I’m doing it for your dogs.” “I don’t care who ye do it fer, long as ye do it afore I turn gray!” Iakoju took several turns of rope around her waist and dropped the free end into the pit. Tait wrapped it around his waist in the same manner, and grabbed the rope between them with both hands. “Haul away!” he yelled. Iakoju backed up. With some cursing on Tait’s part, she dragged the hunter from his prison. The moment

glint in his eyes made the girl shiver. “I have some things to say to him, and none of them are ‘Goddess bless.’” They went down into the castle, then to the courtyard. Outside, Daine felt an immortal’s approach. “Numair, look,” she said, and pointed. Overhead soared a hurrok, Tristan on its back. Sweat darkened the weary creature’s sides, and blood flowed from around the bit in its teeth. Crows, led by the one who had carried Tait’s note for Daine, mobbed hurrok and rider, stabbing with beaks

guardian, I won’t be busy.” “Of course you will. Tkaa and the animals already said they’ll deal with no one but you. You’re the only noble in Tortall with a basilisk, ogres, bats, wolves, and squirrels as advisers on running a fief. Not to mention a golden eagle.” Shading her eyes, she looked at the tower. Branches protruded from the window to Tristan’s workroom. It had been specially widened so Huntsong could use it as a nest. “Don’t forget Blueness and Scrap.” Maura petted the cats gently.

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